Mortar Sand

Mortar Sand is commonly used in a lot of masonry work, under swimming pools, under walkways or natural stones.

White Play Sand

Our washed white sand is most commonly used in places it will be seen more often. It is made from crushed limestone which gives it its distinctive white color and softer, finer texture. Which makes it great for children to play around in.


Topsoil at it’s finest. Our clean, screened topsoil is perfect for filling holes in, using around your plantings or just levelling an area in your lawn.


This all natural, organic compost is great utilized as a natural fertilizer in your garden, plantings or lawn. Blend it in with your natural soil for a sustainable media for building your soil the natural way.

Nursery Mix

Our nursery mix is great perfect for container gardening. It is a proprietary blend of topsoil, pine bark fines and sand. This blend help retain moisture during drier periods and it helps protect tender roots from North Carolina’s wonderful weather.

50/50 Blend Topsoil

This topsoil blend is a fine mix of screened topsoil and compost, with just a slight amount of sand to help with drainage. This is your one stop planting material, whether it be shrubs and trees, raised gardens or you just want a slightly richer soil for growing your lawn.

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