Our Team

Edward (Buddy) Miller, Sr


Buddy started his own Lawn and Landscaping Business in 1985 with an old station wagon and a borrowed trailer.  He was a family man and an employer. Miller’s Lawn and Landscaping is a growing family owned and operated business under Buddy Miller’s leadership. Through the years of running the Lawn and Landscaping Business Buddy had a dream of opening a bulk yard. His dream came to reality In February of 2014 when Miller’s Landscaping Supplies was open for business. As President of Miller’s Lawn and Landscaping and Miller’s Landscaping Supplies buddy is actively involved in every aspect of the companies, from working in the field with our technicians to operating both businesses.

Amber Dunlap


I was born and raised here in North Carolina. I love what I do every day here at Miller’s Landscaping Supplies from taking care of flowers and shrubs to helping customers on the yard! I developed a love for plants while taking care and maintaining several different properties on my Papa Buddy’s Lawn and Landscaping Business. When he decided to open Miller’s Landscaping Supplies I got the opportunity to work doing something I’m passionate about. Working outside every day with so many different types of plants and materials I always learn something new. Above and beyond everything else I Love dealing with our customers and helping them find everything they need! Outside of work I come home to my husband Shawn Dunlap and our three boys Ryan, Jaiden and Colton. Yes, I said three boys! We are busy all the time in the outdoors. We enjoy spending time together and doing things as a family.

Barbara Mclamb


I have been with Miller’s for almost three years full time and two years before that, part time, doing their digital graphic designs.  I started way too late in life learning digital graphics and I love it!  It is like playing for me and that is the best part of my job.  I still do the digital designs and it’s like a good book.  Once I start a design, I’m not satisfied until it’s finished and then I’m disappointed if I don’t have another job to do the graphics for.  Just love it!  Lucky for me I have payroll, billing and I help with H/R, to fill in my “spare” time.  You’re apt to find me running around anywhere, anytime, doing anything.  I love being out on the yard with all the flowers, shrubs and trees in full bloom.  New, beautiful life everywhere.  Or you could find me out in the rocks, another favorite of mine.  Best job in the world!

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