Rocks in all colors and sizes, Local River Rock, Tennessee River Rock, New England River Rock, Grey Rock, ABC Crush and Run, White River Rock and Large Boulders. Click the images below to learn more.

ABC Crush and Run

ABC has many uses, but it’s main and best us is as a base for driveways. It is a mix of screenings and rock, which forms a solid, packed surface once set. ABC is gray in color with the rocks ranging from ¼” to ¾” on average. Once you have built the foundation for your driveway with this, you can then top coat with a washed rock for a more finished appearance.


Screenings are the small fines that result from the washing of ABC. They are suitable to use in projects in lieu of sand, such as the base for a walkway or patio.

#35 River Rock - #67 River Rock - #8 River Rock

We stock three different sizes of our local river rock.  River rock has a rounded appearance, which is carved and smoothed over time by waters flow. The different sizes give you options on how you utilize them in your landscape, whether it be in beds, drainage, driveway or any other project you may have.

#57 Gray - #78 Gray - #5 Gray

These three sizes of rocks are the result of washing ABC and removing the screenings. #57 is approximately between the size of a nickel and a quarter, #78 is about the size of a dime, and #5 is approximately 1 inch. These crushed rocks have flatter sides and edges that allow them to lay flat and lock together, making them perfect for top coating driveways or walkways, lessening the transfer of dirt and dust into your home.

Rip Rap Class A & Class B

We stock three sizes of Rip Rap, Class A and Class B and Class A Large. These three sizes can suit a multitude of needs but are most commonly used for drainage and erosion.

White Rock

We carry a large 2″ by 5″, a 1″ by 2″, and a smaller 7/8 ths size in this beautiful rock. White Rock is very decorative and can liven up your landscape by offering a color variance from your plantings and other outdoor spaces. This rock really has no limits as to what you can use it for.

Tennessee River Rock

As well as carrying three sizes of local river rock, we also have three sizes of our Tennessee river rock. They are small (1” to 3”), medium (3” to 5”) and large (6” to 14”).


The largest rocks we carry by far, these boulders range in weight from 400 lbs. to 800+. They are the big brothers of our Tennessee River Rock. These are available for delivery and placement, at an additional cost.

New England River Rock

We carry a 3/4″ size in this lovely multi-colored rock.  New England River Rock is very multi-faceted and can give your landscape the extra beauty by offering a color variance from your plantings and other outdoor spaces. 

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