Here at Miller’s Landscaping Supplies we carry a wide variety of colorful mums. We also have multiple sizes. Mums are a must have for all fall gardens and landscapes in your yard. Mums are drought tolerant plants once established. You have early, mid and late blooming mums to provide longer bloom time for your yard. If you are planting mums in containers they will act more like an annual, rather than a perennial.

Mum care for Fall

  1. Full to partial sun. Mums need at least 6 hours of direct sun for best results.
  2. Plant about 2 feet apart from other plants in your bedding areas
  3. Fertilize with osmocote after planting and water the fertilizer in.
  4. Water mums from the soil to prevent stem rot and holes in your mums
  5. Once the ground freezes mulch well to prevent plants from heaving out of the ground, thus freezing the roots.

Mum care for the Spring

Pinching back occasionally during the summer months encourages compact and bushy growth, therefor mums will bloom more in the fall. By the middle of July stop pinching back to allow for bud formation.

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