Go away bugs!!! No one likes to be bothered by mosquitoes and other insects while trying to relax or working in their yards! However, there are plants to help you with this problem that will give you a pleasant smell and look while giving off a smell mosquitoes and other insects can’t stand! Here are 10 plants that you might want to consider in your gardens, containers or your landscapes!

Citronella Plant

This plant is one of the most commonly known plants for repelling mosquitoes and is a favorite for its fragrant smell! This Plant is a good option for both container gardening, planting alongside of herbs and in your garden beds. It can grow 24-36” tall in full sun. This plant is an annual that is drought tolerant once established and can be a great indoor or outdoor plant for you to use.

Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass is a tropical herb known for its strong citrus flavor along with repelling Mosquitoes. Lemon grass will only survive winters and zones 8 and warmer. In our zone it is recommended as an annual, another option is to plant the grass in a pot and bring indoors for the winter months. Lemongrass strives in full sun areas, and needs rich well drained soil. Lemon grass can grow up to 4-6’ tall in full sun conditions when planted in the ground, not a container.


Lavender has been known for its gentle and soothing fragrance. However, it has many uses. Lavender repel mosquitoes and other insects. It is a drought resistant plant once established. So why not plant something that is beautiful, repel mosquitoes, smells amazing and has many other benefits for you? There are many different type of lavender but pruning and taking care of them are basically the same. A light pruning just after their early summer flowering will often cause them to rebloom later in the year. Cut back by 1/3 to ½ of the stem length, or to a few nodes above old wood that is present at the base.


Artemesia also known as the wormwood plant. This plant grows up to 2-3’ and is best grown in of foliage providing excellent contrast to flowering plants and green foliage in beds, borders and herb gardens. Artemisia is tolerant to Rabbits, Deer, Drought, Erosion and Dry soil. This is a very tough plant which makes it perfect for easy maintenance.



A woody, branching plant, basil is a warm weather annual that grows very fast in 80-90-degree weather. This plant likes well drained soils and when this plant is left in wet soils for too long it will develop root causing the basil to die. Along with repelling mosquitoes you can also cook with this plant for flavorings. Basil does well in container gardening or in flower beds. Easy maintenance and goes nicely with other herbs in your garden.


These plants are known for their beautiful long-lasting flowers in the early spring to late fall! Marigolds providing lots of interest including the fact that they help repel mosquitoes and attract lots of beneficial pollinators like butterflies and bees.  The oils in the flowers and leaves are what repels the mosquitoes and other unwanted insects from your flower beds. They are the perfect flower for your container gardening and in your flower beds.


Catmint is an aromatic herb that is commonly grown in the garden. This plant produces lavender-blue flower clusters with gray-green foliage. Catmint herb is easy to grow. These plants are good for mass planting or as edgings and are good paired with other vegetables and herbs as an insect repellant. It likes well drained soils and they are drought tolerant.


Rosemary comes in several varieties with either upright or spreading growth habits. This plant is a perennial in our zone.  Its foliage is green with flowers that are most likely a pale blue that comes early to mid-summer. This plant likes to be in full sun locations that has well drained soils especially in the winter months. Rosemary has various uses when it comes to cooking. Its scent helps repel mosquitoes very well, all you do is cut a little piece off and rub the limb on your skin.


Ageratum is a well-known plant to container gardening and mixed among other flowers in beds. Its soft light blue flowers offer lots of interest in your gardens. It is an annual in our zone. This plant can grow to be 8-12” in height. Ageratum is heat tolerant once the plant is established, and attracts pollinators like butterflies.


Most mint varieties are vigorous spreading plants with numerous upright shoots. Mint is a great repellant for mosquitoes, deer, rabbits and unwanted insects. This plant will grow in various soil types. It likes a lot of water and full sun. This plant is very invasive and should be kept pinched back to promote the plants to stay compact. Pinch or cut leaves during season and use fresh or dried as needed.

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