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Welcome To Millers

Miller’s Landscaping Supplies is a local family owned business, owned and operated by Buddy Miller Sr. He had a vision for a bulk and retail sales lot, his vision came to reality in February of 2013 when the doors were opened for business!

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm Saturdays and Sundays – Closed


Miller’s is Moving!

We are excited to announce our change in location of our future home for Miller’s Landscaping Supplies and Miller’s Lawn and Landscaping. We are hoping to be in our new home the coming winter of 2018. Why are we moving? Well the answer is...

How to Attract Cardinals

Cardinals are beautiful birds to have in your landscapes, especially in the winter time when there is snow around. Their bright red color contrast so nicely with snow. If you would like to see more of Cardinals in your yard, you can attract them with a little effort....

10 Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

Go away bugs!!! No one likes to be bothered by mosquitoes and other insects while trying to relax or working in their yards! However, there are plants to help you with this problem that will give you a pleasant smell and look while giving off a smell mosquitoes and...

Outdoor Living

We have a wide variety of outdoor decorations for your landscapes.


We have a wide variety of Shrubs here at Miller’s Landscaping Supplies


Customers are our top priority here at Miller’s Landscaping Supplies

Bulk Stone

Here at Miller’s Landscaping Supplies we carry all different varieties of mountain stones.

What People are Saying

“Dependable, honest, trustworthy with great work. Honestly the best.”


“They really surprised me when they give me a discount for being a firefighter.”


“They do the job right the first time and they take pride in their work. They make sure that the customers are happy.”


” As a senior disable citizen I can’t brag on this company enough.”


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